"Our private lesson for two did not disappoint!

It provided an opportunity to personally connect with a kama'aina (local person) with so much knowledge about lei-making, the island of Hawaii and Hawaiian culture.

People are what make places special, and Lahela embodies the best of island folk.

Her warmth and welcoming spirit will be a lasting memory of our vacation to the Big Island."

~Allyson O. 

"My husband and I loved how Kumu Lahela taught our class to our experience level and freely shared her knowledge of lei. Not only did we learn the basics of the craft,

but we really began to understand the cultural significance of lei.

We felt like our session was custom tailored for us."

~Christine A. 

"Lahela was so patient with the students!

We had a group of 23 high schoolers and she took her time with each one, ensuring they made the best leis possible. It was truly an amazing way to end our trip to Hawaii!

I would recommend her to everyone!"

~Talya H.

"It was so nice to go to someone's home and make our own lei using orchids.

Our host was very informative about not only how to make a Lei but about the tradition of the Lei and the culture of Hawaii. It was a wonderful experience!

I was also surprised at how long the Lei lasted. I was even able to take it home to Pennsylvania to show my friends at the end of our vacation."

~Vickie B.

"It was perfect!

Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience!"

~Judy F.

"The lei making class we took was amazing.

Not only was it interesting to learn about how to make leis, but also to learn about all of the cultural and other significance to this beautiful form of art and tradition."


~Jim S.